Thai Yoga Massage Back Pain Relief//


Recently I have been suffering from lower back pain. For me, possibly other therapists too, when I have an injury i think it will just pass and it doesn’t occur to me immediately to get it treated or attend to it myself, Yes crazy I know as this is what I treat and preach on a daily basis!! Oh physician, heal thyself!!

Initially the reaction to injury or pain can be one of frustration or avoidance “why is my body not behaving ? ” “what is this pain, silly back… etc etc. ”

However, as I get a little older and wiser and more susceptible to aches and pains, I realise the importance of the attitude I adopt towards my pains and the approach in which I can try to heal and release pain and tension in my body.


So perhaps the question, “what is this pain?” is not such a silly question, just rather the way in which it is asked is important and if you give the body time to answer AND if you listen the answer.

With the pain in my back, I have spent the last week, exploring the area in which the pain is coming from, in terms of movement and restricted movement, paying attention to when the pain is worse or relieved, talking to a couple of people and sharing the symptoms, ie with my yoga teacher!

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