Thai Massage Practitioner Course

Spring 2020


At The Estuary Clinic, Topsham

Dates to follow


Over the 10 days we will learn :

* How to work on the sen- energy lines – pathways in the body upon which movement occurs.
Applied passive stretching & compression techniques

Effective sequences to give full body therapeutic massage or to work more spot specific for various conditions

Professional development, including client consultation and analysis, exploring contraindications and indications.

Meditation, stretching & preparation exercises to establish a strong self care regime, to help maintain a healthy sustainable practice with specific focus on postural awareness and body mechanics.

An overview of the history of Thai massage and some basic Thai medicine theory


Practice between the weekends is essential.

After the 4th weekend, once we have completed the full sequence, participants will be expected to complete 25 case studies over the following 3-4 months, these will be submitted before students carry out a full 2 hour observed massage treatment –  there will also be a short theory paper to complete.

We will meet for a refresher /practice weekend in Septmeber, before the Exam day. Dates for this weekend and the Exam date will be confirmed and arranged within the group.

REQUIREMENTS – Anatomy & Physiology (level 3) is required to practice professionally in the UK under the APNT qualification. It is possible to take this course online, alongside studying the Thai massage course. Other experience in Massage will be beneficial but is not essential.


Course – £845

APNT Membership –£25 

APNT 12 months Insurance – £70


£940 with APNT membership + insurance

Exam Fee – £100  (payable in Sept 2020)

Train To Teach Thai Yoga Massage