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Our Training and Practitioner Courses

We run regular trainings throughout the year from beginners to more experienced students. The yearly Thai Massage practitioner course is an in depth exploration of Thai massage fundamentals enabling students to practice Thai massage at a professional level. Shorter more specific weekend trainings and workshops also run throughout the year.

Thai Massage Practitioner Course

  • Location: The Estuary Clinic, Topsham
  • Dates: April to September 2021 (12 Sessions + Exam)
  • Cost: Email or call for details

A fresh and insightful, 12 day TTM Practitioner course, encompassing the ancient healing art of Thai massage, in theory and in practice.

9/10/11 April (9th is a Friday evening session)
24/25 April
8/9 May
22/23 May
5/6 June

Practice weekend - We have a weekend of practice in July, we will fix that date together as a group. Students have 3/4 months to do case studies and then take the exam in September / October.

Over the 12 days we will learn a full body Thai Massage sequence looking at techniques in the 4 main positions; prone, supine, side and sitting. Thai massage helps to balance and align the body to encourage space and mobility in the bones & joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments and improve the function in the internal organs. It is highly effective at addressing and releasing pain and injury, bad postural patterns and physical and emotional blockages.

Special care and attention will be taken in teaching healthy and effective use of the body whilst giving massage, to ensure correct and sustainable postural patterns, we will also learn a daily self-care exercise and maintenance sequence.

Call Emma on 07971 101332
or email for more information

Special care and attention is taken to teach the healthy and effective use of the body whilst giving massage

I can truly say this is the most effective massage treatment I've ever had, (& I've had many) This has made a profound change to my life and body!

M.M – University tutor

I found the course to be fulfilling on both a personal and professional level. The learning techniques and approach used by Emma, make for a relaxed and grounded environment which encourages an innate understanding of the techniques used in this discipline. I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial weekends and look forward to broadening my knowledge through my future practice and training sessions.

Sarah M – Company Owner

Totally delightful, healing & respectful - an elf with amazing hands and a huge soul.

JH – Counsellor & Trainer


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